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Horizon Services is an awesome company. They were very customer oriented with great and friendly attitudes. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and family. Thank you!

Went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied with their work. My AC works great and I will use Horizon Services for all my AC/Heating and Plumbing needs. They were fantastic!

Great Experience. We’ll do business with Horizon again, they take care of our concerns, show up on time, go above and beyond, do the work they say they are going to do, and are professional at all times.

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Professional Englewood, CO HVAC Contractors

Welcome to Horizon Services, Englewood, CO’s top choice for A/C repair and servicing, heating repair, and HVAC system servicing. Horizon Services boasts a dedicated staff team; each of our members are fully trained in the latest HVAC technologies and repair methods. We serve the Englewood Metro area as well as surrounding communities, including Cherry Creek, Cherry Hills Village, Eastlake, Highlands Ranch, Mountain View, Sheridan, and Washington Park. We are a Lead-Safe EPA-Certified firm, and Better Business Bureau accredited. We use Trane HVAC systems, one of the best and most reliable systems on the market.

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Our Heating Repair Services

Spring is edging ever closer, but in the meantime it’s cold, especially in Englewood. To keep you warm and comfortable, Horizon Services offers unmatched heating repair services. We work with heat pumps, radiators, gas and forced air heaters, baseboard heaters, and many other models. We offer both repair service and installation, as well as boiler tune-ups and heating inspections.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to get your heating system inspected before, during, and after the peak of winter. An inspection could have saved many of our clients money on a completely new heating system. Call us immediately if you notice problems like dirty filters, odd noises, or air that doesn’t heat your home fast enough. Many of these issues can be fixed quickly and efficiently, but must be dealt with early.

Air Conditioning Repair, Service, and Installation

Now is the perfect time to get your air conditioning system inspected and repaired or replaced, if necessary. Horizon Service deals with many kinds of A/C units, from outdoor condenser units to swamp coolers. We also work to keep your drains, refrigerant lines, and coils immaculately clean, so your HVAC system runs like a dream even on the hottest days of summer.

We Give You Peace of Mind

When it comes to equipment warranties these days, most manufacturers in the HVAC industry have (2) different warranties. The first is what they offer as a minimum warranty. The second is a recent trend to also offer a longer warranty coverage if the product is registered through the company’s website, this usually needs to be performed within 60 days of the date of installation.

As a Horizon Services client, if you elect to have us perform an equipment installation for you that requires any form of warranty registration to ensure your investment has the best coverage available, you can rest assured that this is being done for you. It is part of our post installation procedure to do any and all warranty paperwork, rebate paperwork, etc. for you, every time, guaranteed. We then provide you with the proof that this was done, we also have this information in our system, so if you misplace any paperwork, it does not affect the ability for us to exercise a warranty claim if it is ever needed. If there is a heating or cooling utility rebate that you qualify for, we completely fill out the forms, include all required supplemental info, and all you do is sign the paperwork. We then mail it for you, so you don’t have to ever worry about it.

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For years, Horizon Services has provided heating, cooling, repair, and installation services to residential and commercial locations throughout Englewood. When you call us, we inspect every part of your HVAC system, and if you need a repair, we leave no stone unturned. We also offer friendly, professional advice on HVAC system maintenance so you always know if your system is healthy. Contact us today, and let us give your HVAC system the professional treatment it, and you, deserve.

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